This collection is a great resource for students, graduates or anyone who is currently looking for a job. For more information on the group visit of the collective agreement: resignation (reference to the collective agreement: section 26.3.1): A permanent or full-time worker may terminate in writing the president of the OC for a period of at least two months. The resignation will take effect on June 30 after notification of the resignation is filed or the deadline for appointment expires, with the nearest date chosen, unless an earlier date is acceptable to both parties. Mr. Noonan said the agreement was good for both the university and the members of the ERS. If such a member has not reached the rank immediately higher after five (5) years of professor, assistant, librarian, librarian II, AAS I or AAS II, that member may not receive a salary above the salary of his rank or the amount obtained in the fifth year, depending on the highest value. After the aforementioned five years, the calculation of that member`s normal salary is subject to the pay differentials of all compensation adjustments made by other sections of the collective agreement. The parties agree that the provisions of this clause do not apply to the faculty member or librarian-designate until January 1, 1999. Instead of shaking up our contract in the face of the pandemic, which might have been an easy task, we redoubled our efforts to connect with members and decided to implement a commitment strategy that would prevent the administration from using the pretext of COVID-19 to undermine our collective agreement and give us a solid basis to make gains for our members at the bargaining table. Head of division (reference to collective agreements: Article 25.6): the term of office of a chair usually begins on July 1 and usually lasts three years. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID 19 pandemic, the union`s membership engagement strategies were confirmed when a number of prominent faculty members, who generally did not correspond to the union, praised the frequency and detailed content of updates to the union`s collective agreements and the quality of the union`s engagement strategies. The online membership meetings resulted in record participation, and the volume of feedback received in response to union updates was unprecedented.