”Our franchisees are pleased to be part of a solution that helps USAA customers do their banking,” said Stuart Mathis, President of Mail Boxes Etc. Inc (MBE), franchisor of the UPS Store brand. ”USAA Easy Deposit is a great example of how businesses can make life easier for their customers by optimizing technology and using our national network of comfortable store ups locations.” UPS stated that depositing into US bank accounts ”in most cases” is done immediately. David Bohne, President of the Federal Savings Bank, said: ”With this new agreement, members can visit any of the pre-identified sites in the UPS store so they can deposit a check in seconds. USAA Easy Deposit is one of many ways to make it easier for our members to bank at home. The UPS store has now made nearly 130,000 deposits into Federal Savings Bank accounts on behalf of its customers. Since last fall, the shipping franchise network has been offering free bank deposits to USAA members in selected areas of the United States and has now deposited nearly $193 million through the service. During the process, bank customers are not required to share their account number or PIN and not fill out a deposit document, so non-bankers are not required to know personal information for additional security. It sees UPS Store employees who delete an USAA member`s bank card and choose the account on which the money must be deposited before scanning the check for a remote capture system. The USAA Easy Deposit Service is now expanded to 1,900 UPS stores across the country to give access to the bank`s 8.2 million members. SNBC Smart Locker Since 2013, SNBC has started entering the logistics industry. As a last mile solution provider, the company focuses on package compartments and has so far installed more than 68,000 sets worldwide and has gained a good reputation in the industry. High quality and exceptional […] The service uses the same technology that now allows cheques to be deposited from a smartphone, a service offered by USAA Bank since August 2009.

THE USAA systems then receive the necessary information to process the down payment and send a confirmation to the UPS Store in order to invalidate the deposited cheque.