Our second solution is what is called a direct dialogue plan. You would buy a 1-800 number that the customer would know as his service number. Whenever a customer wants to call you for the services we offer, they would use the service number and our receptionist is able to see which white-label company will answer the phone. Then we would just answer the phone as your business. ”Thank you for calling (enter your company name). How can I help you today? It is not always possible or desirable to make your own products, especially when they want to offer a wide range of products. In many cases, this is never a problem. Retailers simply sell products made and branded by other companies. However, in some cases, white marking may be an option. In order for an affiliate to do these things on behalf of a company, permission must be expressly granted under a white-label agreement so that the terms of the agreement protect the company and its right. Since a recognizable brand will take an important step towards maintaining and strengthening consumer confidence in a business, the branding process plays a very important role in the process of reselling goods. Most supermarket-branded products are supplied by companies that sell to several supermarkets and only change labels.

In addition, some manufacturers create low-cost generic labels that only bear the name of the product (”beer,” ”Cola,” etc.). Richelieu Foods, for example, is a privately labeled food manufacturer, frozen pizza, dressing, sauces, marinades, spices and spice salads for other companies, including Hy-Vee, Aldi, Save-A-Lot, Sam`s Club[6] Hannaford Brothers Co.,[7] BJ`s Wholesale Club (Earth`s Brand Pride) and Shaw`s Supermarets (Circle). [7] What aspects should the parties take into account with respect to the white label agreement on the basis of the White Label Act? A white-label agreement is an agreement established for the manufacture of generic drugs by one party for which one party must be stigmatized and sold by another party. Read 3 min When drafting the contract, you must resolve all relationships with your counterpart, prevent and minimize all possible legal risks and commitments and ensure that all contractual conditions comply with applicable legal provisions. At AGP, we are experienced in developing different types of contracts for individuals and businesses. Whatever role you play, you will in any case receive competent professional legal assistance when developing a white label agreement that will guarantee your legal rights and interests.